Preetum Nakkiran

(outside my head)
(inside my head)


  • A note on adversarial examples. (Comments welcome, adversarial or otherwise).
  • Our general-audience paper (and poster) on preventing false-discoveries in adaptive science. Comments welcome!
  • An exposition + demo of Gauss's Principle of Least Constraint.
  • Our paper on using polar codes to efficiently compress Hidden-Markov sources, and code for related channels. (See slides from China Theory Week, and also our previous paper on polar codes).

I'm a graduate student in the Theory of Computation group at at Harvard, advised by Madhu Sudan. I did my undergrad in EECS at UC Berkeley.

I'm generally interested in Theoretical Computer Science. I like theory, science, and sometimes computers.

I am generously supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

In the past I have enjoyed TA-ing for EE121 (Coding & Digital Comm), EE16A, and CS70 (Discrete Math & Probability). (Thank you students, for the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award !)

preetum (at)